I have over 37+ years of experience professionally servicing citizens band (CB) radios and amateur (ham) radios.

I started out at the very young age of 11. I found my dad’s CB radio in the basement and wondered how it worked. My dad helped me hook it up and I found many people on their chatting.

I was intrigued by the cool features and the ability to talk to someone on it. I was also curious about how the components worked and what it would cost to fix if my radio stopped working.

I met a guy named John “Moondog 151” Buettner who was a local CB radio tech that didn’t live very far from me. I spent a lot of time asking him questions, watching over his shoulders, and wondering if this was something that I could learn.

After a few years of bugging John, watching what he was doing, and how cool it was to see someone’s CB radio back in good working condition, I felt that this was my passion and was something that I really wanted to pursue as my career.

I started learning at age 11, and by age 16, I opened my first CB radio shop. John didn’t mind having another shop nearby as he continued to teach me his great wealth of knowledge.

For the last 37+ years, I have been servicing customers’ radio equipment throughout the USA and now I currently serve customers from 42 states. Customers from all over the USA ship their radios to me for repair because I’m one of the very few honest and professional CB shops left that know how to repair radios and stand by their work 100%.

Stu Soura holding a custom radio antenna that looks like a lamp at Elmira Ham Radio Fest in Elmira, New York, in 2019.

Stu Soura designed, engineered, built, and patented these custom radio floor lamp antennas, and sold them at Elmira Ham Radio Fest in Elmira, New York, in 2019.

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